Welcome to Big Boy Gyros

Article excerpt: by Nick Kindlesperger editor at Chicago.seriouseats.com

Hankering for another well constructed gyro, I found myself at Big Boy Gyros in Roscoe Village, a restaurant I’m kind of ashamed to say I found thanks to its high Yelp rating. To be honest, there is absolutely no doubt that the service has something to do with its solid four-star score. While I was there, the cashier called half of the customers by their first names, and handled every custom order with a smile.

Luckily, the food factors into the equation, too. The Big Boy Gyros ($5.39) had all the elements down: the meat was crisp, caramelized, and shaved thinly; the pita was soft and fluffy; and the taziki sauce actually had some flavor. Even the skinny fries were crispy and hot. This just further proves that some places actually put care and attention into the meat and pita combination!