Party Menu

Please contact us for prices. 

Whole Chicken BBQ, Greek or Plain —
Minimum 5 Chickens

Gyros Meat (5 pounds) & (20 Pitas) —
Slices of gyros.  Served with tomatoes, onions, our homemade sauce and pita bread.

Chicken Kabob on the stick —
(15 Minimum) Green pepper and onion

Spinach Pies
(Tray of 12-8oz. Pies)

Italian Beef
5 pounds of Italian beef cut thin and served with gravy; Includes 20 pcs. French bread sweet and hot peppers on the side

Greek Oven Potatoes   Half tray (serves 10) —    Full tray (serves 20) —
Tasty potato wedges marinated in lemon and oregano

Rice Pilaf  Half tray (serves 10) —    Full tray (serves 20) —
Chicken flavored Greek rice

Greek Salad   — Half tray (serves 10) —    Full tray (serves 20) —
Freshly cut lettuce, onions, olives, feta cheese


Cheesecake 12 pieces —
Choices of Plain or Chocolate Chip

18 pieces —
48 pieces —